State of the Union Speech

I expect that President Bush will use the State of the Union speech to do everything he can to scare the crap out of the American people. Rather than use his position of leadership – the “bully pulpit” – to calm a frightened public, Bush will continue to use language intended to whip up fear.

This is their tactic. Our fear has been so useful to them. A terrified public will rally behind their leaders for their own protection. When we’re under attack we must stand together. We will support our leader and will not tolerate breaking ranks.

They terrify us and then they harvest the results.

By terrifying us the right keeps us distracted, and uses the panic to push their agenda through the Congress. The Republicans politicized “the war” and the fight against terrorism. They drummed up the Iraq scare to influence the election – and it worked. A terrified public supports massive increases in military spending. It supports restrictions on the media. It supports restrictions on political criticism.

Terrify us, then harvest the results.

Terrify, then harvest. The new mantra of the Republicans: “Terrify, then harvest. Terrify, then harvest!”