Spam Record

A new record. 635 spams arrived just since late last night. Today looks to beat the all-day record.

My morning routine is to check my mail, go through it deleting spams (the ISP does have Spam Assassin, which catches most of it, leaving me with “only” 635 this morning) then delete the trash and check mail again to clear the server. BUT by the time I’m checking the mail again I have more spam, so I delete that, empty the trash, and check mail again. Usually by then there’s a few more so I repeat the process again.

Only then do I go walk the dogs.

Update – I haven’t been keeping track through the day, but I just checked e-mail after clearing it 2 hours ago, and there were 273 new spams.

Update 2 – 257 MORE spams!

Update 3 – 7:45 pm 309 more spams.

I think I know what’s going on:

E-mailer wins round against anti-spam firm

E-mail marketer Scott Richter, branded by critics as the “spam king,” has won a round in a legal battle with a San Bruno anti-spam company.

A U.S. District Court judge in Oakland on Monday ordered SpamCop to temporarily stop reporting complaints about Richter’s company,, to Internet service providers. The order is effective until May 20, when the two parties are due in court.

Owned by IronPort Systems, SpamCop offers people a way to report e-mail messages as suspected spam. SpamCop then forwards that information to ISPs, which can block those e-mails from being delivered to their customers.

Richter has filed suit against IronPort, claiming that SpamCop interfered with OptInRealBig’s contracts and business relationships, defamed the company and damaged its potential future earnings.