I have a number of spam traps set up on, to filter and delete unwanted e-mails. I’m testing to see if I am missing any e-mails, and turned off the spam filters for a few days to see what is filtered.
So it turns out I am getting about 8,000 spam e-mails a day now! I filled up a gig and a half mailbox on about a week. So yes I’ll be turning it back on! With the filters on I only get maybe 20-40 spams a day now.
So what percentage of Internet traffic is spam now? 90%? Sheesh. What would our costs and response times be if this weren’t happeneing? Is this the blessed “deregulation” that Republicans praise?

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  1. I’ve been meaning to complain to you because I clicked on one of those Google ads across the top of the page (a fake political poll meant to suck you in) and ever since I’ve been getting tons of spam, the kind where they change domains so you can’t block it by listing domains to block, and they keep sending out the same crap. Do they really think they’re going to get any customers by doing this? I’m putting every product and business doing this on my hate list and will never again use any of them. The alternative is to only get mail from those in my address book, which means I’d miss a lot of stuff I actually want to see, so I don’t want to do that. The only alternative I can think of is to change my ISP so I have a different address.
    I suspect that the amount of e-mail that’s spam must be at least 300% even for those who aren’t obvious targets. I’m on the ‘no call’ list for my phone, and that really seems to work. I’m not getting much garbage, except requests that I accept credit cards, by mail any more. It all seems to have switched to e-mail.

  2. Apparently you’re now getting Ted Stevens internet, expect a delivery truck any minute coming through those tubes …

  3. Dave, I highly recommend DAIR SpamAI. I use it and it has worked wonders. (I have no relation to the developer other than being a satisfied user.) It takes a little work to set up but once it’s running it is a pretty darn accurate filter. I am always worried about false positives (good emails that are tagged as bad) so I don’t have the tagged spams auto-deleted, and instead just have the tagged spams go to a special folder, and visually scan them before deleting. Rarely does it make a mistake, though.
    The developer is a great guy, too, and really responds to feedback. Worth the (inexpensive) price. It’s not a resource hog and works better than any of the big programs out there.
    I put his link in the URL.

  4. Update on Spam

    I made a mistake in the numbers. I wrote yesterday that I’m getting about 8,000 spam e-mails since turning off my filters for a few days. Well, for the heck of it I didn’t delete any spam for 24 hours,…

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