SP Alert: Mitt Romney Should Return Sam Fox’s $100,000

On our “Smoking Politics Radio Show” we just sent a simple message to Mitt Romney, and a fair one too:
Give SwiftBoat Donor Sam Fox his $100,000 back.
Sam Fox (now our Ambassador to Belgium you might recall thanks to President Bush’s recess appointment) gave $50,000 to the Swift Boat Liars in 2004 and has since claimed that he didn’t know what they were doing. Hah. Anyway.
Mitt Romney has no such excuse.
Mitt Romney knows that John O’Neill never served a single day in Vietnam with John Kerry. Mitt Romney knows that Swifties like O’Neill got big checks from the Swift Boat veterans. Mitt Romney should give Sam Fox his money back.
Because if Fox got an ambassadorship for $50,000, what did Romney promise for $100,000?
Here is Romney’s campaign contact info.
Give the blood money back Mitt!