Soviet Government

The big picture says the big picture: Remind me who won the cold war

Many of the salient features of Khrushchev’s government are readily recognized in our own current administration, including a slavish adherence to party unity (a rubber-stamp Congress), a complete inability to manage effectively during times of crisis (Katrina), ill-considered foreign adventures (Iraq), the subjugation of scientific knowledge to political orthodoxy (global warming, anyone?), ineptitude in fiscal strategy (the dollar risks joining the ruble as a symbol of the combination of great national strength and even greater financial weakness), the replacement of actual technical competence by blind party loyalty as the desired characteristic of all members of the ruling class (heckuvajob, Rummy!), and the abandonment of core national principles in search of selfish grabs for money and power (anyone ever hear of the Constitution?).
And Khrushchev was a boor who pretended to represent the people, but who actually used his position to gain political and financial strength though the gross corruption of the state.
Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?

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