South Central Farm Eviction In Process – Call Mayor Villagairosa Now!

[Call Mayor Villagairosa at 213-978-0600 and let him know that the whole world is watching, and that you want him to put people first, and step up his efforts to facilitate a resolution that preserves the farm as a space where poor urban residents, many of them immigrants and people of color, have an opportunity to grow healthy food and maintain a connection with the natural world. All the farmers need is time, the system is beginning to respond, not only as evidenced by the widespread support from celebrities, but by the fact that the Annenburg Foundation had stepped in and volunteered to help raise the last 8 or 9 million needed to purchase the farm – an activist friend of mine tells me that, in fact, they guaranteed that they’d be able to raise the money. The developer doesn’t stand to lose money, he got the land in a sweetheart deal for less than market value, and will still make quite a bit of profit at a $15 million sale price. -Thomas]
To learn more about the South Central Farmers, visit:

Circle of Life Family,
This press release was just sent to us from the South Central Farm where Julia had been fasting and tree sitting for over 3 weeks. Daryl Hannah and John Quigley are still there and at last report were still in the walnut tree but about to get removed by sheriffs at any moment.
NEWS FLASH – 8:59am, 8 people have been carried out on stretchers and they have started to bull doze the land!
WHAT: Hundreds of officers with the Los Angeles Sheriff department swarmed onto the peaceful, non-violent South-Central Farmers garden at 5:15am today accompanied by six helicopters buzzing over the sleeping supporters.
Supporters of this 14 acre organic farming community remain outside the locked-down area on the street chanting their protest of this forceful action while 20 are still inside the farm.

Dozens of supporters have been living on the land, sleeping in tents, and taking turns living in the Walnut tree on the premise while fasting to show solidarity with the Farmers. Julia-Butterfly Hill just came down last week after fasting for 23 days. Several celebrities have shown up in the last few weeks – Willie Nelson, Martin Sheen, Danny Glover, Ed Begley, Jr, Joan Baez to name a few.
As of this time, Daryl Hannah and aerial artist John Quigley are up in the Walnut tree refusing to come down. 20 campers on the land have locked themselves to benches, fences and the base around the tree while L.A. County Sheriffs are attempting to saw their locks off.
Yesterday, a peace offering of organic flowers and fresh produce from the Farm was presented to the developer, Ralph Horowitz at his offices in Brentwood, California and to Mayor Antonio Villagairosa at City Hall. Their response to this
appears to be this early morning raid.
Citizens are frustrated with the Mayor because of his apparent lack of political leadership in this, even though he has publicly stated supported of the Farm in the last few weeks.
The Farm supporters are asking people to:
1. Call City Hall to ask that Mayor Villaraigosa step up and exhibit political leadership
and interfere with the eviction. PH: 213-978-0600
2. Come down to City Hall to express their support.
Address: 200 N. Spring Street – Los Angeles, CA 90029
3. Come to the Farm to Protest this oppressive and destructive action against the Farmers and their supporters
WHERE: 41st & Long Beach Ave.
Los Angeles, CA
(Alameda exit off Interstate 10)
WHEN: All Day
June 13, 2006
****A SPECIAL 7:00PM candlelight vigil will be held on-site
The public is encouraged to attend
To learn more about the South Central Farmers, visit:
Contact: Fernando Flores: Co-Chair of South Central Farmers Support Coalition
PH: 909-605-3136
[email protected]

The South Central Farm, a 14-acre green oasis in the middle of downtown Los Angeles, is in danger of being lost to warehouse development. This community garden has been operated mainly by Latino immigrants for more than a decade and has become an important part of the culture and open space in Los Angeles.
In 1992, the Farm was created in response to the Rodney King uprising to help develop and align the local South-Central
community. The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank signed a lease with the city of Los Angeles to set aside the South Central Farm as a community garden. Since then more than 350 impoverished families have banded together as the South Central Farmers to transform an industrial dump into an urban paradise. These families have been successfully augmenting their household food supply with the resultant harvest.
But in 2003 the city sold the land to a private developer to build warehouses. The community was outraged, and the farmers refused to leave the land while they tried to raise the money to buy the property themselves. For the last several weeks — in the face of a deadline to come up with the money or be evicted — the farmers, with the help of appeals by activists and celebrities, worked around the clock and successfully raised the money to purchase the property. At last report, the Annenburg Foundation had offered to help raise the 15 million to purchase the land but it seems responding to pressure, the developer has changed his mind and decided not to sell the land to the farmers after all.

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  1. Well folks ~ the Sheriffs have come to raze the South Central Farm.
    I just got back from the South Central Farm a few minutes ago and saw the urban military campaign to cordon concerned citizens away from the farm. As
    people are pulled from the tree and plots bulldozed, once again life loses out to the steely profit motives of moneyed interest at the expense of the beginning evidences of sustainability.
    Urban assault vehicles, Flak jackets, mirror sun glasses and mustaches – you get the picture.
    Many were arrested – Tezo, the Farmer’s spokesperson, has called for Villaraigosa’s resignation.
    Personally, this is confirmation that Villaraigosa is more interested in political gamesmanship than in doing what’s right.
    Truly a sad day in Los Angeles history.
    In your service,
    Byron De Lear
    [email protected]
    Congressional Campaign in California’s 28th District

  2. HAIR ON FIRE ALERT!!!!!!!
    Thomas, if you would look at the situation a little closer, rather than running around with your hair on fire (as usual) you might get at the truth of the situation:
    1. This isn’t a farm, it’s a community garden. It was not intended for commercial production of fruits and vegetables, it was originally intended for local families to have their own plot of land to grow their own food. Since then, the original intent has been perverted, now it’s been taken over by small-scale commercial growers who would SELL the goods that were intended to be produced and consumed for FREE by local residents.
    2. The City offered another nearby plot of land for the “farmers” to use. They rejected it.

  3. SOUTH CENTRAL FARMERS EVICTION: Interview with Leslie Morava
    Interview with Leslie Morava on evictions in South Central L.A. estimated 45 arrests including Daryl Hannah and John Quigley trying to keep 14 acre farm for the people of South Central L.A.
    Interviewed on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101fm
    Direct mp3 download:
    An early morning raid began this 5-hour long eviction that is still in process. Trees are being cut down, bulldozers are leveling the families’ food, hundreds of protesters are on site rallying with tears in their eyes as the nation’s largest urban farm is destroyed before them. The L.A.P.D. is on tactical alert as fire ladders and cherry pickers are being brought in to remove the tree-sitters. The 350 families created this oasis 14 years ago in the wake of the 1992 uprising when this land was offered to the community by the then Mayor as a form of mitigation.
    Call the Mayor, Jan Perry, Horowitz, and Sherrif’s: Jan perry 323-846-2651 or
    213-473-7009; Mayor Villaraigosa 213-978-0600, Ralph Horowitz office 310 440-7878
    For more Info Check out:

  4. Does the truth every enter into any postings on this site? The developer which you claim got a sweetheart deal was forced to sell this land to the city in 1986 under eminent domain, in order for the city to build an incinerator. The incinerator was never built, and the developer was able to repurchase the land (which was his to begin with). He paid more for the repurchase than he was paid when he was forced to sell. So he absolutely did not get a sweetheart deal.
    Again you demonstrate how little you care for the rights of others. You would take this developer’s land, just like your Supreme Court allows cities to take land from poor, innocent homeowners and hand it over to Costco or Walmart or any other corporate entity who has greased enough palms.
    I don’t understand how you live with your callousness.

  5. A sweetheart deal is when you get sold land for $5 million dollars, and you get to sell it back for $16 million dollars without having every put a friggin’ shovel into dirt.
    Oh, yeah, that’s callous. Horowitz would be suffering the agonies of the damned to be handed a 300% profit inside of three years, my heart bleeds…

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joe Ramallo June 13, 2006 213-978-0741
    As you know, this morning Sheriff’s deputies began evicting farmers and activists at the South Central Farm.
    Today’s evictions are unfortunate and come at the end of a tumultuous turn of events that at times was not always discussed in public due to the nature of real estate negotiations and the discussions that various parties were having with the property owner.
    In light of today’s events and the fact that it appears that the owner will not accept a proposal that meets his asking price of $16 million – I felt it was important to brief you today.
    Today’s events are unfortunate, disheartening and unnecessary. After years of disagreement over this property we had all hoped for a better outcome.
    I’d like to be clear about what has transpired.
    The property owner asked for $16 million * and last week, after 10 months of negotiations and efforts by my staff and others from the Trust for Public Land and the Annenberg Foundation * a proposal for a full-price, $16 million purchase was made by the Annenberg Foundation to the property owner.
    The foundation expressed a clear, sincere interest and commitment by its trustees to acquire the property for $16 million dollars.
    This morning, in a conversation with the property owner I reiterated my confidence in and support for the Annenberg purchase. Even after meeting his asking price, Mr. Horowitz told me that he would not sell the property to the Trust for Public Lands and the Annenberg Foundation.
    Everyone involved who cares about this garden and who cares about the farmers who have built an oasis in a sea of industry and concrete has done everything possible to meet the property owner’s demands. First it was about price, well*. we met his price. He set the bar very high and we met it.
    Now the bar has been moved.
    I understand a businessman’s need to invest and make a profit. I also have a high respect for and will defend property rights. That is the spirit under which we all operated when trying to negotiate and resolve this issue.
    But I also believe that we are called upon by a sense of community and civic duty to do the just and right thing. I had hoped that the landowner would have heeded that call.
    For those who say that there is no plot of land for urban farming in South LA, you should know that the City will continue plans to relocate farmers to an alternate 7.8 acre site, which has the capacity to house 200 garden plots. Already, 30 farmers have been allowed to begin cultivating the land located at 111th St & Avalon.
    We want to make sure the farmers are properly relocated. In addition, there are about 100 more plots located around the City that we have identified for community gardens.
    # # #

  7. News Advisory
    Tuesday, June 13, 2006
    Greens condemn mass arrests, bulldozers at nation’s largest urban farm; Demand city officials intervene to help community farmers
    LOS ANGELES – Greens here condemned “in the strongest possible terms” the mass arrests Tuesday – including that of actress Daryl Hannah – and the use of bulldozers at what is the nation’s largest urban community farm.
    The downtown 14 acre plot in South Central Los Angeles has sustained and supplemented the household budgets of 360 mostly Latino families by
    providing healthy fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants since 1994.
    Supporters confirmed that the land’s developer moved to violently evict the farmers and supporters Tuesday even though they had met his asking price, $16 million, for the parcel.
    According to Greens on site, hundreds of police officers and sheriff’s deputies marched into the nation’s urban farm early Tuesday morning,
    evicting and arresting dozens of farm supporters and bulldozing part of the community farm. They removed Daryl Hannah and John Quigley from trees they were sitting in after bulldozers cleared a path through the vegetables to the trees.
    “The Green Party of Los Angeles condemns in strongest possible terms today’s police action against the South Central Farm and South Central
    Farmers. It was entirely unnecessary because the community has arranged for the $16 million that the property owner requested. It has taken 14 years to organically build this community and ecological treasure in the heart of greater Los Angeles. No one has the right to destroy such a treasure,” said Michael Feinstein of the Green Party of Los Angeles.
    Donna Warren, the Green Party candidate for Lt. Governor and a native of South Central, said “these arrests were unwarranted and the public
    officials involved should be scrutinized as to their involvement in this entire affair.” She appeals to the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors to
    “call off” the deputies, and asked the Los Angeles City Council to intervene.
    And, Linda Piera-Avila, a Green Party activist on the scene, added: “It’s a sad day when people are criminalized for growing their own food.”

  8. Julia on MSNBC tonight. What you can do.
    Hi Circle of Life Family,
    “Like the flower pushing through the concrete, the spirit of the land and the people refuse to be bulldozed and concreted over.” –Julia Butterfly Hill
    We know many of you have been following the news about the South Central Farm action today. Below is the latest update from the Farm.
    If you are in LA, please come to the vigil tonight at 7pm starting at the corner of 41st and Long Beach Avenue. There will be local and national media there so we want to make sure there’s a large turnout and show of support.
    If you are not in LA:
    • Julia will be on MSNBC tonight between 9:30-9:40pm Eastern time (6:30pm pacific).
    • Daryl Hannah will be on Larry King live tomorrow night talking about this action
    • Call City Hall to ask that Mayor Villaragosa step up and exhibit political leadership and interfere with the destruction of the farm. PH: 213-978-0600.
    • We are hoping there is still an opportunity to save the farm, but have heard conflicting reports. We will keep you posted if more donations are needed to complete the farm purchase.
    For a local, LA-based newscast from earlier today, go to:[email protected]
    Media Advisory
    Developer Ralph Horowitz Attacks the Poor of South Central Los Angeles Destroying the Primary Food Source of 350 Families
    The South Central Farm was forcefully seized today despite the peaceful resistance of the South Central Farmers and their supporters. An early morning raid began at 5:00am to evict the farmers and community supporters who had taken up camp 21 days ago at the South Central Farm. The L.A. County Sheriffs Department coordinated this action with the assistance of the Los Angeles Fire Department and the Los Angeles Police Department who were dressed in full riot gear. Approximately 50 demonstrators have been arrested, some suffering the force of baton use. Bulldozers have been brought in to level the 14 acres of food and medicine that began to bloom 14 years ago when the land was mitigated to the community in the wake of the 1992 uprising. With tears on their faces farmers are being supported by an influx of community supporters turning out to demonstrate their continued efforts to save the land for the community.
    In reaction to today’s action, Tezozomoc, an elected representative of the South Central Farmers comments,
    The community is outraged that the failure of our political leadership has led us to this situation. This is a historic moment of devastating shame for the city of LA. Our community is completely distraught. The mayor did not let our farmers in to his press conference today, violating their civil rights…In February of 2004, Judge Jaffey, when he issued the conjunction that proposed the city undo the process that was created in the back room deal with Mayor Villariagosa, the City Council had the opportunity to take personal responsibility for this situation. Instead, they choose to cover up the story using the legal issue of property rights. If the City Council had taken personal responsibility to undo the deal we would not be in this situation that is breaking the heart of Los Angeles.
    WHEN: Tuesday June 13, @ 4:00pm
    WHAT: Press Conference
    WHERE: South West Corner of the South Central Farm
    Intersection of: 41st St. & Long Beach Ave. Los Angeles, Ca 90058
    WHY: For over three weeks supporters have been onsite at the South Central Farm, the nation’s largest urban farm, which serves as a 14-acre oasis in the middle of L.A.’s concrete jungle. This 14-year-old community gem functions as an active farm for more than 350 families and fills a local need for fresh produce, green space and a safe haven in a poverty-stricken region of Los Angeles. The farmers, community volunteers and celebrity supporters were in a daily state of peril awaiting a deal to come through with the developer or the eviction to be executed by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. Prayers of hope to find a peaceful resolution were answered with this aggressive attack on the community of South Central Los Angeles.

  9. Thomas,
    OK, I see how you live with your callousness now. You simply lie to yourself. You state that the developer made a 300% profit inside of three years. You choose to ignore that this land was siezed from him 14 yrs earlier, and it had been in his family countless years prior to that. This man and his family before him chose to hold onto an asset for many, many years while it appreciated in value.
    Thomas, why don’t you donate your 401K to these poor farmers. It’s appreciating, and you’ve never stuck a shovel in it. But of course you hold onto what’s yours. You revel in harrassing others into giving up what is theirs. Failing in that effort, you empower your corrupt government to take it.
    You say your heart bleeds, give me a break, you don’t have a heart.

  10. Thank you Happy. Greed is ascendant at $16 million. Civic responsibility is nulified. Solidarity is mocked. And probability runs high that you enjoy this whole spectacle of swarthy immigrants driven out of their community gardens. After all, deep down in their bowels. right-wingers despise community, selflessness and nobility, solidarity, fairness doctrines, and the commons themselves.
    You feel not one whit of sympathy for this landowner Horowitz; for what you enjoy is a good snicker, as the sweat is wrung out of the bodies of immigrants, as they watch helplessly while their farm is bulldozed. You are right-wing all the way, a not-very-nice man for all seasons, an old every-man-for-himself Happy Man. You thumb you nose at the very thought of this LA garden community.
    But most important of all, for your delight, there are the Blue Meanies with their rough authority, driving their boots down on the necks of these poor.
    Come on Happy, fess up. You get off on it.

  11. [Linda one of the fifty or so Green Party members that have participated in the efforts to preserve the farm. Lisa (another Green) posted this on her behalf. -Thomas]
    What a sad day yesterday…
    We truly live in a fascist government, esp. if one is a person of color or poor or both.
    I was not at the Farm when the heavy hammer came down, but arrived shortly afterward. In time to see hundreds of armed law enforcement types do their militaristic maneuvers.
    At one point they were pointing tear gas guns in the direction of the crowd in which I was a part. They would not let legal observers in to see what was happening to the arrestees. They would not let us give them water. They did not give the warning period before commencing arrests inside the Farm, as they are required to do by law.
    They started cutting the walnut tree with John and Daryl still in the upper limbs. (Daryl will be on Larry King tonight.) They sent bulldozers in not only to clear a path to the tree, but also to wantonly and spitefully destroy random plots.
    The news keeps reporting Horowitz’ side, but very little mention of the Farmers’ side – that the land was sold out from under them in a back room deal three years ago. Then, recently, with the efforts of Julia and others, the money to buy the farm was raised, but he refused to sell to the Farmers because he “doesn’t believe in the cause.” I guess that means he doesn’t eat. I wouldn’t be surprised as he obviously has no heart, either. He is like the disembodied Sauron. I guess Frodo failed this time.
    It was a spontaneous, organic, joyful, simple, peaceful group of very different folks who came together for this cause along with the farmers. It was like being in a Mexican village. The farmers kept us fed with good vegan food, a lot of which was from the farm. Often you could hear someone playing music. We had a healing center where bodyworkers volunteered and where people could get first aid or counseling or a nap. We had an art center where people could make banners, posters,
    or whatever was needed for the daily press conferences and evening vigils.
    We had a media table, set up outside with internet and fax and powered by solar panels from Taran Smith’s veggie van (he was the youngest son on Home Improvement). The farm organizers and tree sitters had daily conferences in the peach orchard to plan strategy. We had nightly vigils, inviting leaders from all religious backgrounds to lead inspirational moments, followed by the Aztec blessing and then a candlelight procession around the perimeter of the Farm.
    We had young people arranging security: anarchists, zapatistas, and others. All very respectful of others.
    I was doing ground support for the tree sitters and trying to monitor Julia (she is stubborn) during her prolonged fast. (Lisa’s insert: Linda is a physical therapist, in addition to all of her Green Party organizing talents.) A heavy responsibility.
    In many ways, I think the community at the Farm was a model of what could be, and what might be when peak oil hits and what should be, so that resources are avaiable to all and no one has to starve. As you’ve learned in your odysseys, we really don’t need all the stuff we’re told we need.
    My heart is heavy this morning as I reflect on what has been lost and the foolishness of the City of L.A. in not nuturing this gem, this oasis in the midst of urban grit and greed. All the players’ excuses and disclaimers only serve to confirm the disease of our dominant culture and the idolatry of private property rights to the exclusion of the commons and human need. 350 low income families will now be without access to their crops. I wonder how Horowitz and the mayor and the councilwoman would feel if they could not get fruits and vegetables.
    A court case will begin July 12. Let’s hope the truth will be revealed then and that the farmers will be able to return to their plots. It is a sad day when people are criminalized for growing their own food. What I saw yesterday looked more like a third world country with peasants being thrown off the land for a corporation’s interests, rather than a scene from the US.
    The random destruction of the plots also reminded me of the time when white buffalo hunters would kill the animals for their tongues and hides and leave the carcasses to rot on the plains. No respect for life or the planet. No heart. No soul.
    Linda Piera-Avila
    [email protected]
    another Green Party activist, former City Council member Mike Feinstein had this to day:
    an addendum to linda’s point here, is that the developer has a lot of projects he wants done in LA, and unofficially, many suspect that the
    mayor’s office did not give him a silent ‘yes’ on all of them, in exchange for giving up his claim on this one
    its *not* an issue of money, the developer doesn’t need it
    its a question of who holds the power in LA – developers or the council or the people

  12. Dear Circle of Life Community,
    Tonight Daryl Hannah will be on Larry King Live to talk about the South Central Farm. ***It is important that in this national media venue, we ensure that the primary sentiment by callers and viewers is a POSITIVE one.***
    1. Call in to the show during the broadcast (it is on at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific) and ask a question or make a positive comment. The talking points and suggested questions are below.
    2. Email your comments or questions NOW at the Larry King website:
    3. Spread the word to other allies who are supportive of the South Central Farm.
    Key Information We Want Our Circle of Life Family to Know:
    • The money was raised. Ralph Horowitz changed his mind about selling the property at the last minute.
    • The farm is an oasis in one of the roughest neighborhoods in the country. It has literally kept many of the kids who work with their families on the farm out of gangs. 350 poor families have used the farm as their primary food source. It is also a community hub for cultural events and farmers markets.
    • Ralph Horowitz stood to profit $11 million dollars on the sale to the farmers. That’s about $4 million per year that he owned the land. He paid only $5 million for it in 2003, so he would have profited almost 250% in less than 3 years. Yet, he turned it down citing his anger at the farmers as the reason.
    • Julia Butterfly Hill coordinated the celebrity presence at South Central Farm. She also did a great deal of the fundraising. She was at the farm, fasting, for over 3 weeks and had left just 48 hours earlier for a commitment that she needed to keep in NY.
    • This is just the beginning of a grassroots movement to green South Central LA. People are holding the Mayor to his promise to green the City, and are demanding it starts in South Central.
    Questions you could ask of Daryl— feel free to pepper the questions with positive comments about the action, or underscoring one of the bullet points above.
    • Why did you choose to get arrested?
    • Why did you spend 3 weeks at the farm? That’s a lot of time for a celebrity to commit.
    • Was the money raised or not? The developer keeps saying it wasn’t.
    • Who is being affected by the destruction of the farm?
    • How did The LA mayor help or hurt the case? What was his role in all of this?
    • Why is this farm so important? The farmers are supposedly being relocated, so why does this particular farm matter?
    • How did you find out about South Central Farm?
    • What challenges did you have to overcome to be at the farm, sit in the tree and get arrested?
    • Do you think other celebrities should do actions like this?
    • What can I do now?
    If you plan to email or call the show, please let us know your name and where you live. You can email [email protected] to let us know. We are trying to get as many allies as possible to commit to this! Thank you for your support of the South Central Farmers.
    Next week, Circle of Life is hosting our seasonal call and email chat with Julia Butterfly Hill. It is on the Solstice, June 21st. The email chat begins at 12 noon pacific time (3pm Eastern). To log in, go to and follow the directions for logging into the chatroom.
    The Partner’s Circle conference call with Julia Butterfly Hill begins at 1pm pacific time (4pm eastern) and is open to members of our Partners Circle (anyone who has made a donation to Circle of Life in the past year). For the login information and password, email [email protected]

  13. Copeland,
    I had to laugh while reading your reply. You accuse me of enjoying the unfortunate eviction process, while you explain in graphic and nearly pornographic detail the picture you imagine is playing out at the farm. And why wouldn’t you hope the farmers are being victimized. Without victims, real or imagined, you have no way to prove to all of us what a caring person you are. In your world, words speak far louder than actions. I have some advice for all you folks using this debacle as a means of increasing your low self esteem. Try doing the things the rest of us do to show we care. Things like watching your neighbors kids. Baking a cassarole for a family with a sick parent. Join the PTA. In other words, care for the people around you. Of course, that type of caring is hard to get noticed for because it’s not generally broadcast on the internet. You sure can’t get elected for it, or get any good press for it in the trades.
    It’s obvious from this thread who’s actually enjoying this little passion play. Your corrupt politicians are using it for their own gains, your B list celebraties are using it for their own gains, and each of you are using it for your own gains.

  14. Happy,
    You have the right-wing disease. And I hate to tell you, you’ve got it bad. I listened to that same shoddy talking point about how liberals can’t make a cup of coffee or navigate politically or serve their self esteem without a world of victims. That’s Ann Coulter talking, and I heard that from the gargoyle herself on Jay Leno, last night. And I have to tell you, Happy, it is so unimpressive.
    “Without victims…you have no way to prove [X].”
    That’s something of a weak argument, I’d say.
    A whole community’s vegetable gardens are being bulldozed, but you baked someone a casserole. Wow! The destruction of this green space and the evictions are wrong on so many levels, and yet your sympathy is not for 350 immigrant garden keepers or their hungry children. You, on the other hand, support Simon Legree, and the political class that kicks poor people in the backsides. Happy, dear, what am I to conclude about you?

  15. Correction: Do you support Simon Legree and his political class that kicks poor people in the backsides?
    That should be a question, not a statement. I noted , Happy, that you thought the city had dealt badly with Horowitz. But I want to know whether you especially champion his cause or not. In the end, he seemed to have been offered a very good deal for $16 million, but as has been said, he rejected it at the last minute because he doesn’t like the poor people or their cause either.

  16. Copeland,
    Unlike you and the rest of the elite ruling class, I don’t presume to know what is a good deal for Mr. Horowitz. I believe Mr. Horowitz is in the best position to decide what is good or bad for him. You and your minions believe you know what is best for others, and should have the power to simply take other’s property and dispose of it as you see fit.
    As for my sympathy, it lies with the hundreds of poor, honest, hardworking homeowners that have lost their property due to Kelo v. New London. You can paint the taking of this farm as a noble cause, but it’s no different than bureaucrats in Norwood, Ohio taking middle class homes to make way for an industrial park. Taking property from an individual and giving it to big business is heartless. You and yours not only sit in silence while it happens, you actually support it. You can’t take Mr. Horowitz’s property without putting the Ohio neighborhood in jeapordy. The LA city council is currently condemning the property belonging to the 70 year old Bernard Luggage Store on Hollywood and Vine so they can replace it with a luxury hotel. Do you support this action? Don’t you see? By supporting the taking of any private property, you are supporting the power to take all private property.
    This is my second mention of Kelo v. New London on this thread. All of you loving and caring activists have chosen not to comment upon it. I suppose next I’ll see you picketing poor Mr. Bernard’s luggage store, so Paris Hilton can afford a few more diamond bracelets. This is what your thoughtless activism has wrought.

  17. In caase anyone doesn’t know – Kelo vs New London brings up an interesting point: Who can tell us how George Bush got rich?
    Hint – think baseball stadium, getting the city to force people out of their homes to build the stadium and nearby shopping center, then selling the stadium for a huge profit.

  18. Dave,
    I don’t know the particulars of the Texas Rangers ballpark deal, but before Kelo vs New London, it would have been illegal to take private property from one private citizen and give it over to another private citizen. I believe cities would use Federal Law governing “Redevelopment Agencies” to get around the Constitutional issues from time to time. They were particularly successful when the displaced were poor people, with little assets to put towards fighting a long and costly lawsuit. This was obviously a miscarriage of justice, and if this is how the Ranger Ballpark deal was done, then I would have spoken out against it.
    Interestingly enough, Redevelopment Agencies are a LIBERAL idea. Of course they are a crushing failure, and end up being used for insider deals like the Ranger’s ballpark. Used primarily to line the pockets of rich and powerful campaign contributors.
    When will you people ever learn? You demand more and more power for the government, as if any of the politicians and bureaucrats could be trusted. Then, after your silly ideas cause the suffering of untold thousands, you post a thread lamenting that a conservative benefited. You’re the reason George Bush was able to get the Ballpark deal.
    The politicians, neither Democrat nor Republican can be trusted with the power you have granted to this government. The only answer is limited government. The more limited, the better. So get on the band wagon, and quit whining about how Bush benefitted from a program that you people are responsible for.

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  22. The cell processor of Playstation 3 is made by IBM and is exclusive only for PS3.
    The game continues with its unique gameplay in Suikoden II with its 108 characters and castle which you command.
    ESRB ratings are usually on the lower left panel of every video

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