Soros, Scaife, and 527’s

The Swift Boat Veterans’s initial foray was not really well recived, mostly because it was full of lies and because and number of new witnesses (not just the Kerry people) have come forward to denounce it. The Bush administration have has responded by making a generic attack on 527’s and “soft money” — without criticizing the SBV’s. This is pure deception — the Republicans like soft money just fine — but a lot of the media swallowed it, so many people now believe that Bush has distanced himself from the Swift Boat Liars.

P.S. The attacks on Kerry’s medals, etc., were just round one, of course. They were only intended to set up the attack on Kerry’s post-service opposition to the Vietnam war (which Sen. Dole recently kicked off). This is a legitimate political issue for a change, though we can still expect gutter politics from the Bush team.

I also think that this is an issue which could blow up in Bush’s face. The people who hate Kerry for his opposition to the Vietnam War are mostly over fifty, and almost all of them are already in Bush’s camp. Kerry’s anti-war activity is something he can be proud of, and now that the war fever has died down and we can see what a failure Bush’s Iraq War is, it seems to me that Kerry can turn this one around too.