Sometimes it really does seem like…

this is the most petty and vindictive administration in American history, doesn’t it?

I think most of us would agree there are two types of classified documents. There are documents that genuinely endanger national security – launch codes, defense strategies, etc. These documents are classified because to have this information made public would threaten the safety of us all.

And then there are other documents that are classified because um, well, you don’t want people to know you’re corrupt scheming bastards who have planned for years to take over Saddam’s oil fields in order to, presumably, make big profits for your rich buddies and campaign contributors in the oil industry.

I agree wholeheartedly with charging someone with a crime for releasing a document that really threatens national security. However, I’m afraid W and the boys will look terrible if they charge O’Neill with a crime for exposing that their little scheme to invade Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism and 9/11 and had been hatched since the earliest days of the administration.

I’m afraid he’s got you boys. You might as well just grin and bear it.

Boy and you know O’Neill has got them when the best thing they can do is retaliate with something petty like this. My goodness, they’d set a new low for an administration if they actually charged a former cabinet member with a crime for exposing them as the scheming fiends that we all knew they were. If that’s the best they can come up with, you know they’re in trouble.

But this is the minor one folks. When Richard Clarke’s book comes out in April, it is possible that the entire Karl Rove 2004 gameplan may rapidly unravel over the course of a few days. In his book, Clarke is reportedly going to explain how W and the boys turned a deaf ear to his dire warnings about terrorism during the summer of 2001 and, therefore, are, at the very least, partially responsible for the 9/11 disaster.

If Clarke’s book is the bombshell it’s likely to be, this administration may well go down in $150 M a blaze of glory.

At least we can all hope, can’t we?

Update: Paul Krugman addresses this today — and gets it just about right:

So far administration officials have attacked Mr. O’Neill’s character but haven’t refuted any of his facts. They have, however, already opened an investigation into how a picture of a possibly classified document appeared during Mr. O’Neill’s TV interview. This alacrity stands in sharp contrast with their evident lack of concern when a senior administration official, still unknown, blew the cover of a C.I.A. operative because her husband had revealed some politically inconvenient facts.