Something Very Big To Pay Attention To

Open Left:: Consolidated Potomac Primary Returns Thread is tracking today’s primaries.
But one of the primaries is very, very important. In Maryland’s 4th district there is a Congressional primary between progressive Donna Edwards and incumbent Al Wynn. Wynn is a “corporate Democrat” and beating him tells the entire establishment that they are no longer safe, that they have to listen to progressives or lose their jobs.
Chris Bowers writes,

With every precinct coming in with at least a 10% improvement for Edwards over 2006, let me reiterate this point: the new primary voters who are coming out for Barack Obama are also going to result in the first progressive displacement of a centrist, corporate, congressional Democrat via a primary in years. This it it. This is what we have been working for and building for. This is our emerging majority. We finally have the organization, and the voters, and the whole ball of wax. The movement has thoroughly come of age.

You can track results of that race here.
Update – Donna Edwards won the primary!