Something Completely Different

(A non-Conventional post from Portland, Oregon)

A couple of years ago I swore I’d never use my awesome blogging powers for selfish purposes, but sooner or later each of us must fall.

So now I’m promoting my son’s album. “Amelia” is a classy indie band whose self-released CD is getting some airplay (reviews below). If you just hate alt country or anything that’s called “retro”, you won’t like them, but if you like that kind of thing they are in the top rank. Their lyrics tend toward the edgy and dark. I love their stuff but then, I’ve never been known for my objectivity.

P.S. The band is politically cool but for some reason does not want to be closely identified with my vivid persona.

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“Sultry and sophisticated cabaret pop with just a whisper of twang that flits in and out like a friendly ghost. The music of Amelia is a staggeringly cool exercise in understatement”.

Clay Steakley, “Performing Songwriter”

“‘After All’ opens with the sound of a needle being dropped into the groove of an LP, or maybe an old 78, telegraphing Amelia’s retro approach to their music, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about their playing,  songwriting or the smoky confidence of lead singer Teisha Helgerson.”

Waxed J. Poet (?), “No Depression”

“Subtle bands like Amelia usually count on such audience diligence, but the indie group from Portland,  Ore.,  is immediately addictive with ‘After All.'”

Chuck Campbell, Scripps