Someone seems to have been listening

Since July I’ve been explaining to people that if the Times and the Post are bad, we should blame Sulzberger and Graham. That’s not a uniquely profound insight, but I’ve long been amazed at how much criticism of individual reporters there has been, without top management ever being taken to task.
Someone seems to have been listening. Here’s Michael Tomasky at The American Prospect:

The country needs The New York Times. A Times of aggressive journalism, integrity, and especially transparency is essential—seriously—to American democracy. And that’s exactly why the Times no longer needs Bill Keller—and maybe should be reconsidering the filial inheritance of its publisher, too.

So is Donald Graham next?

3 thoughts on “Someone seems to have been listening

  1. So what is this Ziska stuff anyway John? I click on a link to “what Ziska Says” in a diary by Matt Stoller and I end up here. What’s up with that?
    As far as your post, you are exactly right about top management at the NY Times. My question is why Tomasky thinks America needs the NY Times. I think it may be time to give the grey lady a richly deserved burial, before her corpse decomposes any further.

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