Someone I’d Vote For

Brian Ellner is a candidate for Manhattan Borough President in New York City. Fox News refuses to run his ad, saying it is disrespectful to President Bush. Go to his website and take a look at his ad, (and his blog) and tell me if you think it is disrespectful.

2 thoughts on “Someone I’d Vote For

  1. Disrespectful? My mother always said “give respect where it’s due””, and I agree. bush deserves NO respect. This guy, on the other hand, does. He is sharp, witty, and direct. The bush part of the ad gave me a chuckle, and the end of the ad is a blast of fresh air.

    He comes across as a fine person. Wonder if he has any chance.

  2. There are several good candidates for Borough President, better than most of those for Mayor. They may figure they can’t beat Bloomberg.

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