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The “Establishment” & the Cheney/Rumsfeld Cabal,

It seems to me Secretary Rice was sent to her position to weed out and clean house on these hangers on. We have a bunch on left over bureaucrats from a leftist administration looking to keep some power and a paycheck.

He’s talking about a 31-year military veteran and former director of the Marine Corps War College, Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff, the the “leftist” adminstration he is referring to is Bush’s father.

Blogs for Bush

Delay’s Judge donated to John Kerry…and MoveOn!
If true, the judge should be removed from office just on that point alone – MoveOn being a terrorist-apologist organization engaged in a treasonous attempt to engineer American defeat in the War on Terrorism.

NewsMax: Michael Reagan: It Wasn’t Racism in Toledo; It Was a Thugfest,

This incident, which grew out of a planned march by 14 neo-Nazi members of the absurd National Socialist Movement of Roanoke, Va., played right into the hands of a liberal national media intent on exacerbating the whole race issue whenever an opportunity to do so arises.
. . . When the neo-Nazis left without marching, why did some blacks pillage their own part of town? If it was a matter of race hatred, why didn’t they invade a totally white neighborhood to vent their so-called anger?

Not the Nazis’ fault, it’s the fault of the nature of black people. I won’t forget his dad laying a wreath on SS graves at Bitburg, after telling the European Parliment that the Lincoln Brigades “fought on the wrong side.” (They were fighting against Nazis.)

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  1. It is rather ironic since MoveOn was founded as a result of the partisan witch hunt of Clinton. Now DeLay’s supporters are claiming he’s a victim of a partisan witch hunt AND attacking MoveOn.

    So, the generous interpretation is that the BushBloggers were for partisan witch hunts before they were against them. Then my advice to them is this: If nothing corruption-related is found on DeLay after 6 more years, they should take the matter into their own hands and go ahead and found their own MoveOn.

    If the judge is indeed a supporter of MoveOn’s founding issue (anti-witch hunt) then it makes it more likely that DeLay gets a fair trial, does it not?

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