“some imams are imposters who should not be in charge”

Religious freedom, anyone? Not even among those of the Islamic faith. Here’s the full quote:

“We reached an agreement that the imams of mosques must be nominated by the
Shiite and Sunni Waqfs (religious administrations) because we have
discovered that some imams are imposters who should not be in charge,” Major
General Mehdi Musabah — the interior ministry commando chief — said

Oh, and apparently the only way that the Iraqi government can ensure that its own troops don’t function as death squads, and prevent insurgents (or renegade elements of official forces) from posturing as official army units, is to have them accompanied by U.S. troops. … but, apparently, even though members of the U.S. armed forces were present at the negotiations, officially, the military knows nothing about it.

“That’s news to me, that’s a surprise to me,” said US military spokesman,
Major General Rick Lynch.

Sounds like things are going swimmingly over in Iraq. NOT.
Full article: Agence France Presse, May 11, 2006: Baghdad Clerics Must be Approved by Iraqi Gov’t

2 thoughts on ““some imams are imposters who should not be in charge”

  1. Oh, things are going swimmingly in Iraq alright, Thomas! Did not Rumsfeld say a little while ago that real progress was being made in Iraq? And you don’t doubt his words – or do you?

  2. Hmph! Heretics! Don’t they know that a proper Muslim speaks Arabic and has memorized the Koran? What do you need Imams for?

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