Sold Out the Unions!

Two Senate Dems sold out the unions. Democrats John Breaux of Louisiana and Ben Nelson of Nebraska voted with Bush

Daschle added to the betrayal, “Though Sen. Robert Byrd, a West Virginia Democrat opposed to the department, may try to wage a filibuster against it, Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle has said he would oppose any such delay.” What? The REPUBLICANS filibustered this bill for months AND IT DIDN’T COST THEM A THING IN THE ELECTION! In fact, their tactics energized their base, and their base turned out to vote! Now it’s the Democrats’ opportunity to stand up for workers, and what does Daschle say? I take back what I said defending Daschle. DUMP HIM!

Additionally, “In addition, the new department would effectively be able to bypass civil service rules in promoting, firing and transferring workers, the aides said.” This means patronage – only Republicans will get jobs in the government now. Democrats will be fired.

Maybe some recall petitions are in order here! Maybe if they started hearing from us maybe this stuff would stop.