Social Security Healthy For Decades

EPI: Social Security — government report shows that program is healthy for decades to comet,

The Congressional Budget Office, the agency charged with providing Congress with objective analyses of federal programs, released a new report today that shows the Social Security program is in good financial shape and will be for decades to come.

Don’t believe the lies. Social Security is fine. They borrowed all the money from the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for tax cuts for the rich — so why is that Social Security’s problem?
The money for those tax cuts was borrowed from the Social Security Trust Tund, and America’s rich people have had quite a party with that money. That means that America’s rich people owe the money to the elderly. It was borrowed from the elderly and it has to be paid back to the elderly. It is wrong to ask elderly retirees to accept less because we gave the money away to rich people to have a big party with.