Social Security

Social Security runs a huge surplus, which is put into government bonds. In the 2000 election Al Gore said this money should be kept in a “lockbox,” to pay back the bonds when Social Security needs it. Instead Bush said this surplus was “your money” and gave it out as tax cuts for the rich.

That tax cut WAS “your money” and it was supposed to be in safe keeping until you needed it for your retirement. Instead Bush and his cronies got their hands on it.

In 2018 Social Security stops running a surplus and needs that money to pay YOU or your parents. Bush doesn’t have it because it went to tax cuts for the rich, and says that because of this Social Security is “in crisis.” So we need to cut benefits, etc. But saying this 2018 problem is because of Social Security is like blaming the bank when you don’t have enough to pay your mortgage payment this month, and insisting that the bank lay off employees so they won’t need your money.

Jesse Jackson used to say, “get the money FROM where the money WENT.”

Spread the word. Watch your backs.