Social Network Analysis – Quiz Tomorrow

I have been studying Social Network Analysis lately. (Much more here and here.)
This is the study of interactions in groups, discovering who the key people are who hold the group together and get the group doing things. If you track this with sophisticated computer software you can learn some very interesting things. In politics, think of the value of knowing who are the key people for reaching and influencing large numbers of voters…

What special role does Susan play in this group? And Claudia?

So read up, there WILL be a test.

2 thoughts on “Social Network Analysis – Quiz Tomorrow

  1. As it turned out, the most useful course I took in college was Group Dynamics. I’m sure things have progressed since then, but I got information I’ve been able to use every time I’m part of a group. Groups do function according to definite psychological rules. Know those rules, and one can influence and even control groups.

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