So What – No One Will Do Anything About It

I was talking to someone yesterday about how it looks like the Bushies “got to” the Seigelman judge. She said, “So what? No one will do anything about it anyway.”
She’s right. All those US Attorneys who “played ball” are still in place, waiting to let Republicans off the hook and indict a bunch of Demcorats for things they didn’t do – just in time for the next election.
It’s one of the worst things about everything that is happening — no accountability, and the Dems also won’t hold anyone accountable. There are no consequences for the lawbreaking and corruption we see all around us.
Which leads me to today’s story, it appears that the Democrats have caved and given in to Bush on wiretapping AND giving immunity to the giant telecom corporations that illegally assisted Bush.

1 thought on “So What – No One Will Do Anything About It

  1. I’m still trying to understand WHY the Dems are caving like snowflakes in spring.

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