So that’s what desperation looks like!

WASHINGTON – President Bush (news – web sites) unleashed the first negative ads of the general election campaign Thursday, accusing Democratic rival John Kerry (news – web sites) of seeking to raise taxes by $900 billion and wanting to “delay defending America.”

Only a day after his campaign whinily blasted Kerry for saying something negative about him and demanded an apology, W spends multiple millions on negative attack ads.

Congratulations W! You have flip-flopped and made yourself look like the ultimate crocodile-tears-crying hypocritical politician in, um, less than 24 hours.

That took some real skill, huh?

Desperation folks. That’s all it is.

Update: My goodness. I think they’ve stumbled once again. People are already calling one of these ads the “Mohammed Horton” ad because it so clearly tries to use fear (this time the bogey man is an Arab instead of an African-American) in the same way.

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