So Many Enemies, So Little Time

It must be so difficult to be a right wingnut… with all the enemies under the bed that you have to keep track of. It used to be the Bush admin. CIA or State Department that was classified as “enemies of the (Bush) state.” Today it’s part of of the Bush admin. Justice Department.
Read Watch Your Back, (which title steals one of Seeing the Forest’s regular closing lines),

As another Department of Justice paper dump related to the botched firings of eight U.S. Attorneys takes place on Capitol Hill today, it is becoming increasingly clear that Department of Justice insiders have been using the controversy to perpetrate what some Bush Administration loyalists are calling a “coup.” Those activities appear to be occurring in the offices of the Deputy Attorney General and the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys.

And get this, while people in the country are concerned that US Attorneys were fired for refusing to advance Republican corruption, Senate Republicans are using their power to investigate the whistleblowers:

The Republican staff on the Senate Judiciary Committee, meanwhile, is looking into improper sharing of Department of Justice personnel records by career DOJ employees with members of the legal community.
“We’ve seen evidence that some state and federal judges with ties to the Democrat Party were given personnel and performance review materials about certain U.S. Attorneys across the country,” says a Judiciary Committee staffer. “Some of the review materials were never seen by the Attorney General and his staff, but were reviewed within the Deputy Attorney General’s office, as well as by professional staff at the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys. [The leaks were] clearly part of a campaign to embarrass the U.S. Attorneys.”

Right-wing blog Redstate jumps in:

Over the weekend I put up this post about a coup at the Department of Justice against Alberto Gonzales.

Also right-wing blog Wizbang with A coup in the Attorney General’s Office?
Wingnuts… sheesh.