So Are These “Reviews” Just Paid Astroturf?

I’m thinking of seeing the movie Battle: Los Angeles. Just for the heck of it I looked at the “Fan Ratings” at Fandango. Here is a sampling:

This is a totally awesome movie that kept me in the edge of my seat the whole time. Great special effects and great sounds. Definitely the kind of movie to see on the big screen. Well worth the money !!!!

This movie is stunning and will have you gasping for breath then deliver a great and pulse pounding ending!! People who say this movie is cliche are just looking for a reason to not like it. Go see this movie then go see it again because I promise you will want to!! Retreat hell!!

This movie was intense from the start and it kept you going through to the end. It is like a more realistic and better-made Starship troopers. Acting was good and believable. Definitely recommend and I will see again and I will own this.

Wow…Now it’s been a long time since I said that when it comes to a movie. Or anything really. But I’ll say it again. Wow! Battle: Los Angeles looked fantastic from it’s electrifying TV spots and Trailers but who knew it would actually live up to the intensity I hoped for. And it does and it’s so much than I could have hoped for. The film is simplistic in concept we get invaded this is the story of the marine platoon who discovers a weakness in the deadly E.T. force turning the war back into our favor. … But when the action starts it doesn’t stop and it is intense. … The movie is great!

You get the picture. Obviously paid. I’m getting so tired of this. I used to look at the “customer reviews” for things at places like Best Buy and other online purchase sites. No more, because they are obviously filled with paid placements from the manufacturers, or in this case from the movie companies.
Just another corporate scam…
P.S. I went to watch a movie trailer there, and had to sit through an ad before the trailer started. But the trailer is an ad itself! They make me watch an ad before I can watch the ad I wanted to see. Sheesh. Who thinks this stuff up?

2 thoughts on “So Are These “Reviews” Just Paid Astroturf?

  1. Dave, while the reviews *MIGHT* be somewhat suspect, it should be noted that people are most likely to review films only if they like them. As to reviews for Best Buy products and the like, I’m not sure what you’ve read but the few reviews for non-entertainment products that I’ve read have featured some pretty negative feedback. I think that most people are afraid to admit, even via the relative anonymity of the internet, that they’ve paid “good” money (what exactly IS “good” money?) for something that’s less-than-good.

  2. “Paid Astroturf” is why I pay the chants of the violent, thuggish pro-union protesters no heed. They are the very epitome of the rich and powerful (Obama and Soros among them) using their power and riches to simply buy “dissent”.

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