Smears — "Invented By Democrats"?

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When you hear a line like this one: “Nothing is sacred in today’s politics of personal destruction – invented and perfected by the Democrats” on a website called GOP USA, you know there’s really going to be some nastiness in the coming Presidential campaign. Republicans accuse others of what they are doing, as a tactic to give them cover. “Self-acquittal.”

And then it begins:

“In the debate about which man has given more to his country, no evidence has been more emotionally persuasive than Senator Kerry’s own claims of war heroism. One basis for this assertion is that while serving in Vietnam, Kerry showed great courage in leaping off his boat to attack and kill a wounded North Vietnamese soldier.”

Some time back I said that the Republicans are going to spread so many disgusting smears that soon YOU will hate your own candidate. This is an example. This kind of stuff is so nasty, so wrong, so foul, and so low that you feel sick just being in the same country where it is being said. It makes my stomach turn, and I want OUT of the campaign already. And there are 8 months of this to go.

If you think the stuff they were saying about and doing to President Clinton was bad, this is going to be so much worse. If THIS smear doesn’t “have legs” then they’ll try a different one. And another one. And another one. And on and on until they either find one that DOES have an effect, or until the accumulation of dirt just makes the guy look bad. People will say, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.” Today people still talk about “all the Clinton scandals” even though NO ONE in the Clinton administration was EVER found to have done something wrong! Every single person accused was exonerated of every single charge. (Except Clinton got a blow job.) I’ll be surprised if Kerry gets even ONE vote.

“Evidence suggests the Vietnamese soldier had previously been wounded by a 50-caliber round. Veteran friends of mine tell me if a person is hit by a 50-caliber round, it is highly unlikely they could continue to be a threat, because of the hydro-shock associated with the impact of the round. I am assured this is true regardless of where the enemy was hit.

I know from my own FBI training that certain high-powered rounds can destroy vital organs and blow away entire limbs – due to this same hydro-shock factor. Kerry’s claims that he saved his fellow soldier’s lives by taking the life of the wounded Vietnamese fighter now lie in reasonable doubt.”

This is what they are spreading, especially in the South, where they worry that Kerry’s service to the country might carry some weight against Bush.

“Also, Kerry’s ardent fans clamor over the Purple Hearts he received for each of his several wounds. What is not widely known is that even a minor wound can qualify for a Purple Heart, and a combination of Purple Hearts can be the basis for reassignment to a safer post. Kerry did, in fact, take a safer post after accepting his war medals.

Other veterans tell me they didn’t even put in for Purple Hearts, because they did not want to be transferred home unless they were seriously wounded. These veterans didn’t want to leave their buddies behind just to seek the safety of distance from the battle.

Got that? Kerry wasn’t BRAVE for volunteering to serve in VietNam, and getting wounded saving men he commanded, he was in fact TRYING TO LEAVE HIS BUDDIES BEHIND by receiving multiple Purple Heart medals for being injured several times. (And what about his Silver Star?)

“In total, it appears Kerry was in-country less than five months. Yet some prisoners of war served more than seven years and had many serious wounds. “

This Kerry guy, what a wimp. Trying to shirk his duty to his country, trying to leave his buddies behind. But wait, there’s something EVEN MORE sinister about this Kerry guy:

“Did he only participate in peaceful war protests, or did he join the Hard-Left, anti-US, pro-Communistic cabal of Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda and other well-known Hard-Left, anti-US radicals?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I do know where to find them. Every significant leader of any anti-war, anti-US protest from the 1960s has a large file sitting in a file drawer over at the FBI Headquarters.

The Bureau’s headquarters is located at 9th street and Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Washington, D.C. To get a copy of the FBI file, which would clear up this entire thing, Senator Kerry merely has to file a form. But HE must be the one to do it. Nobody else can get a copy – only John F. Kerry.”

My God! The guy is a COMMUNIST AGENT! We need to see his (illegally obtained, in the Nixon years) FBI file. He has an FBI FILE!

“Today I am announcing the formation of an exploratory committee to encourage and assist Senator John F. Kerry in the acquisition and distribution of these two [FBI and Navy record] files. In due course, we will send the appropriate forms to Senator Kerry to be filled out. Soon, following President Bush’s lead, Senator Kerry can reveal to the mainstream media the various documents establishing the truth about his conduct.”

The truth about his conduct. Right.

If you think for a minute this was really written by Aldrich… This is the real thing: pure, researched, focus grouped, professional stuff here. And we’re going to see a LOT more of it!

Update – One more thing I want to say. As I said above, this isn’t Aldrich speaking. This isn’t even Bush – even though it is the Bush style to “stay above the fray” while sending out surrogates to do their dirty work. Like Bush did with McCain in the 2000 primaries. This is “The Party” at work here. This is who they are, and what they do. This is how they get power and keep it. Be ready for it.