Smearing patriots

Eric Alterman: Smearing patriots,

One thing worth keeping in mind is the quality of the people they are seeking to smear. Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame were both life-long public servants. Wilson, whom the right is seeking to smear as a partisan-minded Democrat—not that he wouldn’t have the right to be if he chose—contributed to the presidential campaign of George H.W. Bush, and took many hazardous and unpleasant duties on behalf of his country.
… Valerie Plame, meanwhile, lived her entire life under cover—no small or easy thing—in the service of her country.

5 thoughts on “Smearing patriots

  1. How is “the right” smearing him??? Going by Cooper’s account, Rove brought up Wilson’s wife in the context to correct the story that Wilson did not get help in obtaining the position in Niger.
    No smearing going on, just Rove correcting Joe Wilson’s lies.

  2. Dave, this asshole is using your blog to smear Wilson. He is simply a repug parrot (probably paid). Ban him.

  3. No, I think his comments are informative for our readers. Many of them don’t listen to Limbaugh or otherwise have access to the Republican talking points, to see for themselves just how vile the smears can be.
    I have in the past warned him (and others) about attacks against the blog or other commenters, and he has been good.

  4. Wilson also contributed to George W. Bush’s campaign in 2000 (along with his contributing to Gore’r) because he felt Bush was a better candidate than McCain.

  5. The Repubs are expert at blowing smoke. The more they turn the focus on Wilson the more obscure the behavior of Rove becomes. It has worked for them for sic years now and they are getting better and better at it. Too bad the news media is not intelligent enough to see this. With all the investigations that could/should have been done during Bush’s administration, the news media, with only a very few exceptions, has been very quiet accomplices. I wonder if the stain is still on Monica’s dress? I’m suprised they are no longer investigating this.

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