Slow Day – Go To New Blogs

It’s a lazy Saturday here, might not be posting much. So I recommend that you go to the blogroll on the left and click through to several blogs that you have not visited before. (Scroll down to where it says “Links to Other Weblogs:”)
The great thing about the blogosphere is all the different voices. Some of the blogs you might not know about are saying things that are important for more people to read. The way for more people to learn about these bologs is for all of us to be in the habit of visiting new blogs, and recommending them. I try to practice this by keeping a comprehensive blogroll. In fact, help me out by letting me know if you come across a bad link, or a link to a blog that is not being updated. And suggest new blogs for the blogroll. Thanks.
Update – Also, on the left there is a list of great news sources like BuzzFlash. On the right there are news boxes – with current headlines – for BuzzFlash, Media Matters, PlameGate (DCCC) and Smirking Chimp.
And, of course, there are some great, dedicated advertisers to check out.
You can also place an ad and get your message or product in front of thousands of like-mined people. You can place a BlogAd by clicking where it says “Advertise at Seeing the Forest,” at the bottom of the adstrip, or “CrispAds Blog Ads,” under that adstrip.
And, finally, on the right, down a ways under “Subscribe,” you can subscribe and get each day’s headlines delivered to your e-mail.

1 thought on “Slow Day – Go To New Blogs

  1. Slow day? What about Cheney and the White House threatening to veto legislation designed to prevent them from torturing people? I can’t even believe we’ve got a sitting President who’s fighting for his right to avoid the rule of law and torture people.
    Then we’ve got Bush blocking the release of the rest of the photos from Abu Ghraib and blocking efforts to fully investigate the matter.
    How much more abuse of the democratic process can this administration get away with before the people of this country say enough.

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