Sirota Goes There

David Sirota yesterday U.S. moving toward czarism, away from democracy,

In sum, it explains why the age-old struggle between capitalism and democracy is once again defining our politics – and why capitalism is now winning.

Capitalism is the idea that a few people — instead of the public — should “own” the commons. So what do you think, is this the age-old struggle that is once again defining our politics? (And our economy I might add.)

1 thought on “Sirota Goes There

  1. He documents czarism is winning. Uhh, czarism and capitalism are different. Like Russia and Hong Kong are different.
    The Democrats and Republicans are enamored with czars because they are searching for adult leadership.
    We do not need a budget czar. Our representatives need to stop borrowing.
    Congress has borrowed $95,000 per household and spent it.
    California has borrowed how much…about $24,000 per household and spent it?
    $300B / 12.3 M households.
    That buys the median house outside CA, NY. Imagine the spurt in the economy if everyone had a paid off house with an extra $1,200 to $2,000 per month in the pocket.

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