Sirota: Dems Beware

WorkingForChange: Democrats Beware: An Economic Populist Is Rising In the GOP’s Presidential Primary,

I’m not saying Huckabee isn’t funny, but I am saying that he also has an extraordinarily different message than any of the other Republican presidential contenders – a populist economic message that may be shunned by conservative operatives and K Street lobbyists in the GOP-dominated Money Party in Washington, but likely has an appeal among rank-and-file working-class Republican voters.
… Here is Huckabee quoted on the AFL-CIO’s webpage from the recent Republican presidential debate:

“The most important thing a president needs to do is to make it clear that we’re not going to continue to see jobs shipped overseas, jobs that are lost by American workers, many in their 50s who for 20 and 30 years have worked to make a company rich, and then watch as a CEO takes a $100 million bonus to jettison those American jobs somewhere else. And the worker not only loses his job, but he loses his pension. That’s criminal. It’s wrong.”
Huckabee followed this up by telling The Politico: “I am not interested in being the candidate of Wall Street but of Main Street. Wealthy CEOs get paid 500 times what the average worker does, but they are not necessarily 500 times smarter or harder working and that is wrong.”

This is the message the public wants to hear. Coming from a conservative this could be devastating.
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  1. What’s really scary about Huckabee’s quote–especially as it appears on a Union’s website–is that Huckabee is as anti-Union as every other freakin’ RepubliCON. How can the AFL/CIO possibly give Huckabee any credence when his previous actions have done just as much to hurt American workers as the “Wall Streeters” he decries?
    What has Huckabee done FOR the WORKING MAN and WOMAN in Arkansas rather than business interests? Huckabee is like every other Southern governor–giving MASSIVE tax “incentives” (read that as “breaks”) to lure in businesses and bashing unions to guarantee that workers are paid as little as possible (even helping these new businesses keep the unions out).

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