Sinclair Brodacasting — Advancing the Right’s Takeover

Jay Rosen has a piece at The Blogging of the President titled Like Agnew with TV Stations: Sinclair Broadcast Group Takes On Kerry and The Liberal Media. This is an important read. Just what is Sinclair Broadcasting up to, consolidating media power to advance a right-wing agenda?

I don’t think pressure on advertisers is going to stop this. The Moonies have no problem spending hundreds of millions on “news” media that always loses money. And public corporations justify to shareholders their political contributions quite frankly – as “investments” (bribes) designed to secure favorable legislation like tax cuts, deregulation, subsidies, insider contracts, etc. It works.

Let’s suppose for a minute that Bush and his crowd have the best of intentions, and are streamlining the government – systematically eliminating oversight and accountability, etc. – so they can better serve and protect the public. The problem with this is that there are always OTHER people with less noble intentions waiting in the wings for just such an opportunity. You remove the checks and balances, and someone ELSE can step in – someone corrupt or dangerous.

Whether Bush and his cronies want it or not, groups like Sinclair, Pat Robertson, “Christian Nation” activists, etc. will show up to feast on the harvest. Suppose Bush tries to object to their raw use of power — with Democracy’s protections removed they can just push him aside and take the chair themselves. THAT is where we are today, with the doors wide open and unprotected. Watch your backs!