Sign the Progressive Values Pledge (California)

Speak Out California has drafted a Progressive Values Pledge. They hope to gather thousands of signatures from around the state, and plan to distribute it to our elected “leaders” in Sacramento along with a demand that they commit to the agenda outlined.
Which happens to be solidly progressive and humane. Click on more to read it, and click the URL above (or the one at the end of the posting) to sign on.

We, the people of California, hereby resolve to strengthen our sense of purpose, our commitment to our own communities and to the common good. We believe in the promise of California, the place where anything is possible. By working toward this vision, we reaffirm our responsibility to deliver that promise to our children and grandchildren, and to all future generations.
We envision a California:
Where everyone is guaranteed access to quality health care.
Where we recognize the innate potential of every child and have created a free and open public school system and effective youth programs that reflect the depth and breadth of that belief.
Where all people who work for a living are paid a livable wage so that they may provide for their families: decent shelter, healthful food, quality child care.
Where the economic system rewards environmental stewardship, and where the power of the marketplace is focused on responsible business practices that promote economic and environmental justice.
Where communities are encouraged to create safe pedestrian, bicycle and transit friendly neighborhoods, and and we are all free from dependence on cars and on nonrenewable sources of energy.
Where our greatest natural resources are protected and held as a public trust, so that we may always find in them the peace and serenity there that we enjoy today.
Where we’ve made a strong commitment to scientific accuracy, and made preventing and curing the diseases that continue to afflict humanity a top research priority.
Where families have more time at home to spend with each other, and to spend actively participating in their communities.
Where we celebrate the racial diversity of our state and enforce equality and fairness in education, delivery of health services and access to employment and business opportunities.
Where women are empowered and in control of the decisions that affect their bodies, where they are represented equally in elected positions in government and treated equally in the workplace.
Where consensual, adult relationships based in love and respect are honored and recognized – regardless of sexual orientation.
Where we work to ensure that all leaders elected to run our state share with us the belief that government is a critical partner in providing opportunity for all people.
Where elections are assured to be open, free and fair and where undue financial influence no longer taints the electoral process.
Where the politics of fear is replaced by the politics of hope.

Sign the Progressive Values Pledge!