Sign The Petition! — Another Today’s Voting Machines Post

Support H.R. 550–Verified Voting is Vital!
I got there by following MyDD :: Verified Voting Now linking to Big Push to Support Congressman Holt’s H.R. 550 which links to SIGN THE PETITION TODAY! which says,

There are many politically contentious issues in election reform, but making sure votes are counted accurately is not one of them. Because of its narrow scope, its realistic goals, and its strong bi-partisan support, with 159 co-sponsors both Democrat and Republican, H.R. 550 is our best hope to restore integrity and voter confidence to our electoral process – the very foundation of a representative democracy.
We urge you to pass H.R. 550 as written immediately.

There is a list of other blogs talking about this here.
Skippy says verified voting–time to do something

Shakespeare’s Sister
says “Nothing we do matters if we don’t have fair elections.
Big Brass Blog has … well… the same thing because it’s cross-posted.
Pandagon has Making sure your vote counts,

The reverberations from the 2000 and 2004 voting irregularities are still being felt around the country. When the integrity of voting becomes a mysterious black box of confusion controlled by corporate interests, our democracy is at risk.

Brilliant at Breakfast says

I’ve taken a fair amount of crap from our wingnut trolls over the past year and a half, and even more before then from Republicans who seem to think that unverifiable voting is A-OK by them — especially when the machines are built and programmed by companies that support Republicans.

Media in Trouble says

When you are done here, if you have a blog, go ahead and join the blogswarm.

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  1. Hell yes! I’ve been trying to figure out why Dems have not brought this up sooner. Better late than never, but I don’t believe anything can be passed in time to affect the 2006 election. Maybe 2008 if it passes this year or next.

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