Sierra Club Chronicles

Sierra Club Chronicles ,

Sierra Club Chronicles is a monthly TV series capturing seven David vs. Goliath stories: the dramatic efforts of committed individuals across the country working to protect the health of their environment and communities. The series is hosted by Daryl Hannah.

And, from the e-mail introducing me to this,

“Sierra Club Chronicles” captures extraordinary efforts of ordinary people across America who are fighting to protect their families, communities and their livelihoods from pollution, corporate greed and ineffective government policies. It is an important and timely series, one that deserves to be seen and discussed, and one that needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

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  1. These sound really great. Won’t PBS pick them up and show them?
    We’re deeply involved here right now in the problems the first one, about 9/11, is about. Three people have already died, and there’s no help for the rest.

  2. While Sierra Club’s TV program is beneficial, Sierra Club as an organization is sliding downhill. Now, the Sierra Club is promoting the destruction of nature. Paul Watson, a director of the Sierra Club, recently resigned after this organization decided to fund a sport hunting trip to promote hunting. The Sierra Club had a contest for people to send in essays about why they hunt. One of the prizes was a $12,700 hunting vacation in Alaska.
    Gayle Miller of Sierra Club e-mailed me about my concern saying, “If we were to shut out hunters and anglers, we also shut out a massive number of Michigan residents who care very much about the natural world—even if they decide to go out and shoot at it.” Of course they should not shut out hunters. But, that does not mean they have to outwardly promote it. As Watson says, “This is John Muir’s Sierra Club. It is not supposed to be the Sahara Club. You can’t love nature with a gun.”

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