Sideshow, About Iraq

First I was pretty upset about Paul Wellstone’s death. Then I was too busy to write much. Still am. So go read what Sideshow writes about Iraq. My comment, and my entry on the subject, is, “Yeah, what she said.”

Well, more, actually. Sideshow writes, “Having already proceeded on a course to create a diplomatic nightmare prior to 9/11…” I’ve been meaning to say a few words about this. I think US policy leading up to 9/11 deserves more attention. I remember how Bush was swinging US Middle Eastern policy entirely away from the previous (and necessary) role of semi-neutral mediator. After Bush made statements entirely blaming Arafat and the Palestinians for the conflict, I remember saying to my wife that it seemed as though Bush was intentionally trying to start a war. This should be part of any investigation of events leading up to 9/11. Fat chance.