2 thoughts on “Should I Buy a Kindle?

  1. Hang on a while, I personally don’t think the market for content to read on the Kindle is well developed enough to deliver diverse content you might actually want to read. There are rumors Amazon is blowing out Kindles at low prices to stimulate the market, but I don’t see much evidence it’s working to stimulate new e-publishers
    On the other hand, I think the iPhone is about the best damn HTML/PDF reader ever. The finger-swipe gestures to scroll pages and the tap to zoom to a column width feel very natural. And there are new ebook reader apps for the iPhone, one of them allows you to tilt the phone gently to turn pages or scroll, it’s pretty amazing. The screen resolution is incredible and the font rendering makes even the tiny screen quite legible. If you need an excuse to buy an iPhone, PDF reading might be enough.

  2. Dave-
    I’ve had the Kindle since March. When I first got it I was a little disappointed about how many books on my “to read” list were unavailable. However, between then and now they’ve added almost all of the books on the list. My taste is for wonky and somewhat obscure topics (I’ll bet yours is too), but just about everything I want to read is available.
    The downsides of the device are so minor that they’re not worth mentioning. I highly recommend it!

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