Shoe, Foot, Other Foot

OK, Greens and Nader fans, now YOU get to choose — between Nader and the Greens.

From the story Nader Plays Down Green Party Rebuff

“A day after not getting the Green Party’s endorsement for president, Ralph Nader brushed off the rejection as an inconvenience, described the party as “strange,” called the party’s national nominating convention “a cabal” and predicted who the big loser in its decision not to endorse him would be.”

So … shoe. foot, other foot. For those of you who don’t get it, I’m saying the shoe is on the other foot. For those of you who don’t get THAT, I’m saying that now it’s the Greens who are the targets of unfair attacks and insults. And for those of you who still don’t get what I am saying, think about this: if you don’t feel it is fair for these things to be said about the Greens, and feel that the convention was not a “cabal”, and don’t think the TRUE Progressive vote should be divided up into smaller and smaller chunks, shouldn’t that also make you think again about the things said about the Democrats — the People’s coalition that has historically banded together to oppose the moneyed interests, brought us worker protections and Social Security and Medicare and Civil Rights and overtime and weekends and vacations and environmental regulations and everything else that we have been able to accomplish over the objections of the rich and powerful?

So, are the Greens just ANOTHER hack political party?

What is most important, getting WHAT you want (or at least, as much of it as you can get?) or getting WHO you want?