Shocker: Republicans Not Promoting Black Candidates!

The Black Commentator has an interesting piece up, Minority Inclusion is Diversity Diversion at the GOP, from a black Republican, discussing diversity in the Republican Party.
I think the Republican coalition is in a bind on this. The Party is all about the money, and votes from the rubes. They have willingly become the party of the Confederacy as much as of the Religious Right, and must cater to those voters. Of course, what those voters wind up with is losing their pensions and health care so a few rich people can get longer-range Gulfstream jets… But it’s their own fault for being so blinded by the hatreds the Republicans cater to, to see it.

4 thoughts on “Shocker: Republicans Not Promoting Black Candidates!

  1. The GOP has prominent black leaders running for the national level, men like Michael Steele. Unfortunately, men such as these become targets of the viscious little racists on the left. They find pictures of themselves in blackface being called a “Sambo” by moronic, viscious little racists like Steve Gilliard and pelted with oreo cookies. Yes, even black people can be racists, assuming a person has to have a certain opinion based on his/her skin color or calling them “race traitors” as Steele was called is pure, unadulterated racsim.

  2. Dave, my man, you are so off base here if you believe all that racist mumbo jumbo. Those blacks are just like us; all those wealthy middle aged white men can surely represent their interests as well as they do ours.
    I found a website for black Christians sometime last year; and although I was denied access to it, I did notice that all the women wore the same type of pastel suits that Laura Bush wears so maybe that black commentator guy just has all the wrong ideas about God.
    I’ve been watching TBN again lately, and I am quite taken with all the black faces in the audience of Paul and Jan’s show, but I am most fascinated with Paula.
    Paula is cute, a really petite platinum blonde with a stylish bob and stilletto heels to show off her finely tailored skirts that she wears while she raps the word of God while doing some jerky body slams to an almost exclusively black audience.
    Black people aren’t so different than wealthy middle aged white men at all Dave, but I discovered that those Texas Rangers are a whole different slice of pie when Paula was immediately followed with Chuck Norris and Mrs. Chuck Norris taking a break from selling exercise equipment to make a plea to have the Bible taught as literature in public schools because they said that the Supreme Court ruled that it was legal.
    My only question is what makes them think that teachers can be trusted to teach the bible when they can’t be trusted to teach science?

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