She’s In – Welcome

People say Hillary Clinton has “baggage” and is “divisive.” Actually she has been investigated more thoroughly than almost anyone in the country’s history and they found nothing at all. It isn’t Hillary who is divisive, it’s the people making all the accusations.
Remember that people voted for Kerry in the primaries because he was a war hero and therefore “electable.” And remember what everyone thought about Kerry by the time of the election – and still. The term “swiftboating” entered the lexicon. The right’s $mear machine destroys our leaders and makes us hate them – and to some extend to hate ourselves as well.
I don’t support or oppose Hillary. I’m just talking about the perception game.

2 thoughts on “She’s In

  1. Hey Dave,
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    Yer buddy Mike

  2. This was my fear if she ran. We would be subjected to an unprecidented slander campaign from now until election day…when she looses 49%-51% to the Republican candidate.

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