Shaking Up The Democratic Party

Wednesday night I went to a Democracy For America meetup. DFA is the old Dean For America organization. I hadn’t been to a DFA meetup since Dean lost Iowa.

Well here’s some news: There were MORE people at the meeting than there ever were before Iowa! I didn’t expect that. And these were not just Dean people. Maybe 1/3 were people who had been active in the Kerry campaign and are now looking for a place to continue their activity.

The meeting was about getting signed up in our local Democratic Party organization in time to be able to vote in their upcoming annual organizing meetings. There were detailed charts on how the state Democratic Party is organized and information on where to show up, what you have to do to be able to vote, things like that.

This is just San Mateo County (cities south of San Francisco, north of Palo Alto). I’m told that Santa Clara County (San Jose) has an even bigger DFA organization.

If this is happening in other states, I think we’re going to see a real shake-up in the Democratic Party in the next few years. And, in the future many of these people will become candidates themselves.