SF News Tonite

If you’re in the SF Bay Area I should be on ABC-7 11pm News tonite talking about bloggers and the Lieberman campaign. I just finished a short interview.
Mostly what I said was, yes bloggers helped trigger the Lamont candidacy, but the people of Connecticut were fed up. Blogs provided a channel for that to coalesce.
But the point I made repeatedly is that bloggers are just people – the public. ANYone can be a “blogger.” Blogs are democracy. Blogs are just a means for people to express opinions and get involved themselves. There are no special, selected “bloggers” — it is just democracy, the public, the people.
One thing I said wrong and I know they’ll use is I referred to a “we” that looked for a candidate to run against Lieberman and backed Lamont early. I meant bloggers, not some group that I specifically was part of.

1 thought on “SF News Tonite

  1. Wish I could have seen it! I wouldn’t worry too much about the “we.” Considering the news this morning about the gigantic terrorist plot the BRITISH just foiled, Lieberman isn’t news today anyway.
    Thank God for British sanity! Because we’ve wasted all our economic and military resources on the Iraq fiasco, we can’t afford any genuine security here. Our borders and ports are wide open, 8 misplaced Egyptian students are wandering somewhere in the NY area because we don’t keep track of foreign visitors, you know the drill. And of course our messing around in the middle east has made the whole world less safe.

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