Sexy Economics Blogging

Just a blog observation. The other day, in the post US Finances Emulate Argentina’s, Hale Stewart wrote,

God how I wish it economics was sexy. Then, politicians from both parties would have the courage to actually deal with the budget problems.

Today, in The Shape of the Bush Boom, Stirling Newberry takes up the challenge, writing,

He does not have very much room right now, the graphic is the “yield curve” of treasury bonds. Looking a the yield curve is like being a pimp: it is all about getting more spread. The “spread” in bond terms is the difference between the interest rate paid, or the “yield”, on two different kinds of bonds. Thus if a commentator says that there is a high “spread” between treasuries and corporate bonds, it means that corporate bonds are paying more than treasuries, and that this difference is higher than it is usually. The “spread” on the yield curve is the difference between the short durations “Treasury Bills”, which run 13 weeks, and the “long bond” at the top of the yield curve.

My wife says I need to get out (of the computer) more. That I noticed that suggests she is right. That I blogged about it…? Maybe wwwaaaayyyyy too late.