Serenity, Serenity, Serenity and Serenity

I have to modify my responses to the List Of Fours meme. If you’ve ever been concerned about STF readers, check out these responses, and all of your darkest fears will be confirmed.
I rented Serenity from blockbusters last night. My movie choices are Serenity, Serenity, Serenity and Serenity. (This site takes a while to load, but has over 20 minutes of deleted scene, out takes and downloads that are worth the wait)

For all of our STF totally maxed out intellectual geeks (yes Richard, I’m talking about you) check out Paul Rosenberg’s diary at MyDD, ‘Serenity’ And The Supreme Court. You can’t really appreciate Paul’s diary until you see the movie. At least I couldn’t, but then I only understand about 40% of Rosenberg’s diaries like We’re Too Smart and his series on What Is Liberalism? anyway. I just pretend they make sense to humor him.
What was that they were talking about at Crooked Timber the other day? Wonkery vs. Wankery. Anyone who thinks there is a shortage of wonkery in the lefty blogosphere just hasn’t been paying attention.

3 thoughts on “Serenity, Serenity, Serenity and Serenity

  1. Serenity is a great movie, a fine example of a fine show; but, I’m a little puzzled that a left-statist would love a movie that is a thorough right-libertarian fantasy.
    First, the movie is pro-private gun ownership, that one is pretty obvious. Second, the movie is over-whelmingly pro-free trade.
    Also, the big bad guys in the film are a perfect example of a leftist gov. Their whole reason for being is to run everyone else’s life to have harmony and peace; individual rights are constantly violated, property rights have no value to the alliance, and individuals are sacrificed for the “good” of the whole. A more perfect example of left-statism has never been more perfectly shown on film. At one point the Operative says, teary-eyed, after brutally slaughtering three men that he is “making a better world”
    And finally, ******SPOILERS!!!!!********** the creation of the Reavers is done through administration of a drug (Pax) to a planet. The Pax is not administered to help the alliance turn a better profit, or to wipe out an annoying populace (two things left-paranoids accuse the right of in motivations) but to make people happy and peaceful. A fine example of left-statist thinking.
    P.S. there is only one religion presented in the Series/movie and that is protestant Christianity. Now, while there is some bad examples shown in one episode of the series, on balance the show displays an affinity for Christianity through the character of Book.

  2. Statist?
    DO you ever get the feeling that the far-right cult is spinning faster and faster, so far from the rest of us that they’re using a different language?

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