Senile Broder accidentally gets it right

David Broder has been brain-dead for so long that you’re surprised that he’s able to locomote or respire. But in this piece, which he all-but-confesses is a recycled version of things he wrote decades ago (“Coming back to Iowa after a long absence….”), he says something which is made striking by the implied contrast.

“…. I was struck, as I have been before, by the extraordinarily conscientious way that those few souls approach what they see as their serious responsibility in starting the process that leads, a year later, to the inauguration of a president. They sort and weigh personal attributes and policy positions, then do it again, before finally deciding which hopeful they will stand up to support.”

Yeah, a bunch of ordinary people in flyover country who all have other jobs take America seriously. It’s just the hip, well-educated, highly-paid, ever-so-professional national media who can’t seem to get around to doing that.

No, Broder didn’t mean that; he is really and truly brain-dead. But the contrast is frightening and very real.