Senator Calls Mother Of Slain Soldier “The Enemy!”

Daily Kos: My GOP US Senator on Cindy Sheehan: the enemy,

My wife has a job that requires her to work in Sam’s Warehouse & today she came in contact with Sen. Jim DeMint, and one thing she asked him was his opinion on the “lady down in Texas” as I think she recounted it.
His answer: “those people are the enemy”.

Tis Senator is talking about the mother of a US soldier who was killed in Iraq!

6 thoughts on “Senator Calls Mother Of Slain Soldier “The Enemy!”

  1. I wonder if Tweety is going to dissect DeMint’s statement the way he did Howard Dean’s. Nah.

  2. yeah, well he can say he thinks we’re “the enemy” all he wants. wake me up when he starts to act like we’re the enemy.

  3. You may want to nuke that second Gary Boatwright comment. It’s by a, well, a something calling it self Vote Hillary 2008 at MyDD which doesn’t like Gary and started up that fake blog to abuse him.

  4. As tipping popints go, this has a chance to become a significant one.
    I say this becaue it seems that Rethuglican Hawks big and small have chosen to demonize this mother of a fallen soldier. She’s an an American (par-excelance), who’s soul has been stricken with the deepest and most mortal a wound as a human can survive. Should this condemnation of Cindy Sheehan continue en-mass, then the voices of intolerance will truly expose themselves in a way that for all intents and purposes, lays bare a basic motivation that is simply vile and heartless.
    Should that happen, justice might ensue, and vindication for Cindy Sheehan will not take long.
    One can hope.

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