Senate Goes After Fitzgerald!

In Watergate’s “Saturday Night Massacre” Nixon ordered special prosecutor Archibald Cox, Jr. to be fired. Both Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus resigned rather than fire Cox. Next in line was U.S. Solicitor General Robert Bork who did fire Cox (and was later rewarded with a notorious Supreme Court nomination.)
So now here it comes around again. See Daily Kos: GOP to investigate Fitzgerald. (More here.) The Republican Senate is adding an intimidation investigation of the CIA Leak special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to hearings designed to blame the CIA for the Rove leak.
Furthering the Watergate comparisons, someone pointed out to me that the 12-hour warning Gonzales gave to the White House is 38.9189 times worse than the famous “18 1/2-minute gap.” (Blog by the same name here.)
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3 thoughts on “Senate Goes After Fitzgerald!

  1. The really interesting part of this intimidation campaign could be that Roberts et al may be looking to do an Ollie North and have sworn/immunized testimony made by potentially key Fitzgerald hostile sources in public instead of at a trial. I wish this was my idea, but it is Chris’s at Interesting Times

  2. I can hardly wait to hear Scotty’s explanation for this one.
    What could there possibly be to investigate until Fitzgerald completes his grand jury investigation?

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