Senate Democrats Vote For Huge Tax Cut!

It appears that Senate Democrats have voted FOR a $350 BILLION tax cut! I’m trying to find the exact count on this, but it appears a number of Democrats voted FOR this atrocity! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???!!

The country has massive deficits, we are at war, programs that help the public are being slashed – and Democrats vote for another tax cut!

It looks like they got rolled again. Please read Getting Rolled.

I am completely dismayed by this. This takes away the Bush economy as a campaign issue! This takes away the deficits as a campaign issue! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???!! Is it time to start recall campaigns to we can get some people in there who will represent US?

Update – Well, now I know what they were thinking. The person answering the phone at Senator Boxer’s office portrayed this as a Democratic victory because Bush was asking for $750 billion and “only” got $350 billion. I’m thinking I should call back and demand $2 million! I sure could use the million that it appears I’ll get! What a bunch of loons, thinking this is a victory!

OK I took out the comment about voting Green. No sense in that.

Update – Ruminate This agrees with me, Atrios disagrees. Obviously Ruminate is brilliant! Atrios, well… I know – HEY Atrios, give me $2 million right now! 🙂