Self-Destructive Institution

Bush made a “joke” about the press — saying no one should trust the mainstream media. Is “the press” going to self-destructively tolerate that?

My local mainstream newspaper runs the Mallard Fillmore comic strip – a strip that tells its readers not to trust or even read mainstream newspapers! This sounds more than a little self-destructive. They put the strip in “for balance.” Balancing the by giving people who think they should be dead a voice in their paper. Smart, huh?

This is what I call the “afraid Rush Limbaugh will say bad things about them” syndrome. Like when Democrats in the Congress vote for Republican tax cuts – and CIA Directors – thinking it buys them something with voters who are propagandized by the conservative machine… All they’re really accomplishing is hastening the Right’s takeover. I think Max Cleland knows what I’m talking about — a little too late to do him any good, though.

The press currently sucking up to the Right is going to learn a very hard lesson if they are in office next year.