SEIU Convention Next Week

I’m flying out really, really early tomorrow to cover the 2008 SEIU Convention. I’ll be posting here and elsewhere. So I’ll likely be “off the air” all day tomorrow. I fly back Thursday.
If you’re at the convention, look me up. I’ll be the tired, jet-lagged one with a computer.

1 thought on “SEIU Convention Next Week

  1. FYI, please don’t get a one-sided view of the convention from the SEIU top leaders. There is a very heated debate about democracy and real union values going on within the rank-and-file. As a member of the new, impudent (in a good way), and insurgent media, I implore you to really investigate both sides of what’s best for workers and society. You should email [email protected], who will come meet you for another perspective.

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