See the Forest

Well we just have to wait and see what the experts conclude about the forgery.

In the meantime, see the forest. The big picture is that one of the candidates VOLUNTEERED to go to Vietnam, for his SECOND tour of duty he VOLUNTEERED for Swift Boat duty, the most dangerous job in the Navy. He was awarded a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts. He went on to be a prosecutor, a Lt. Governor, and a Senator.

The other guy was a poor student, a drunk, there are signs he was a drug abuser. He got his father’s friends to get him out of serving in Vietnam. He was a failed businessman with many, many signs of corrupt, illegal activities. (And again, his father’s friends bailing him out at every turn.) He is a liar. After becomming a corporate front-man as Governor in a “weak governor” state he did not take his responsibilities seriously and instead used the office to political advantage. He handed the state to the rich and powerful.

How much do I need to go on? If I do, I have to get into his record as President.

There simply is no comparison betwenn the two men.

They are experts at diverting attention and we are diverted from the big picture.