See the Forest

Here is what I don’t understand. How did the government of Lebanon become the enemy? And what does any of it have to do with power plants in Gaza? Someone – not the ebonese government – crossed the border from southern Lebanon, so Israel attacks the Lebonese capital, bombs their airport, cuts off their bridges. Criminals from Gaza kidnap a soldier, so Israel bombs their power plants.
And, worse, everyone understaod that the original attacks on Israel were deliberate provocations, trying to goad them into doing exactly what they did. It seems to me that if you understand that your enemy is trying to goad you into doing something, doesn’t it make sense NOT DO DO THAT?
What does any of it have to do with “defending themselves from terrorists?” Doesn’t this sound a lot like when 19 Saudis from a base in Afghanistan attacked us on 9/11, so Bush invaded Iraq?
See the forest. When what you are hearing is obiously a cover-story for something else – then maybe it’s a cover-story for something else.
Meanwhile, this is a shameful moment in American history: Bush Rejects Lebanon’s Call for Cease-Fire

3 thoughts on “See the Forest

  1. I don’t think it’s all that simple a situation. The Bush administration wants this because it’s a chance to paint Iran and Syria as the behind the scenes bad guys. Whether they are or not we’ll never know. For many years Israel was constantly shelled by its enemies from across the border in Lebanon and of course doesn’t want this to start again. They probably also regret having turned over Gaza to the Palestinians, which they thought would result in peace. Israel always overreacts violently. Those goading them know that, so they’re hardly innocent, either.
    And what are the odds that Bush sees this as a chance to bring on the Rapture and the end of the world?

  2. Just for consideration, consider if the rest of the world subscribed to the doctrine of disproportionate response in the style of Israel and the US. Imagine if India applied the doctrine of disproportionate response and preemptive action following the recent bombings there by Muslim extremists to attack Pakistan for harboring the groups that recruit and train the bombers.
    What would be the result when both sides had nuclear capabilities and no restraint? This is the world we are waking up to.

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