Sedition Act Coming

See this story, Bush camp rips Kerry rhetoric:

“President Bush’s campaign manager yesterday accused Sen. John Kerry’s campaign of parroting the rhetoric of terrorists, signaling a new level of aggressiveness in advance of tomorrow’s presidential debate.

‘The enemy listens,’ Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman told reporters on a conference call. ‘All listen to what the president said, and all listen to what Senator Kerry said.’ “

Criticizing the President in wartime… ‘FIRE BAD!’

My prediction: After the election – if Bush is the one in office (notice how I never say “elected” or “wins.” We have learned that there are other ways to take office…) – the Congress will pass a partner to the Patriot Act. It will be a Sedition Act, making it illegal to criticize the govenment, especially the President, in time of war.