Security Clearance?

I’m asking again, why does Karl Rove have continued access to the White House, and a Security Clearance? He is under investigation for treason, accused of leaking information about the CIA’s efforts to stop terrorists from obtaining weapons of mass destruction, thereby destroying the CIA’s operation.
It is normal procedure to revoke access and clearances during investigations of this type. Why not for Rove? Is this a sign that the investgation is a whitewash?
Call your member of Congress and ask why Rove’s security clearance and White House access have not been revoked!

12 thoughts on “Security Clearance?

  1. Hey nobody wants to answer that question so we will pretend we didn’t hear it.
    If we are backed into a position where we are forced to reply, you will be dismissed, given a non answer or so viciously attacked that others will fail to stand behind you.
    We can change the subject in the blink of an eye.
    Any critisism. questioning or debate will be considered adversarial and must be disrupted, corrupted or usurped.
    Everything they ever did still works. Ask Dick Durbin.

  2. Well, for one thing, Rove has been charged with no crime. And he likely won’t be. Why should a man who is, so far, only the victim of rumors be penalized?
    (Personally, I’d LOVE to see the whole lot of them in the dock for crimes against humanity, but that just isn’t going to happen. A rich fantasy life is a nice thing, and it’s OK for it to spill over into your blog, Dave, but let’s be sure we know fantasy from reality.)

  3. Someone accused of leaving national security secrets is ALWAYS removed from access to secrets until things are cleared up. Rove can be paid and continue working, but he should not be in a situation with access to ANY national security information.

  4. The man’s been accused IN THE PRESS, as far as I know, and given what we all believe about the quality of the US media, the only decision I base on their reporting is whether or not to take an umbrella. Would you want your ability to do your job properly to depend on what appears about you in THE US MEDIA? Are you nuts?
    Face facts, Dave. Nobody (and that includes right-wingers who smirk as they pretend to deny it) doubts that the decision to out Plame was made at the highest political level of the White House. And everyone, even you and I, know that nothing will be done about it. These guys, in cooperation with their allied corporate media, can get way with MASS MURDER and you think they’re gonna get caught on a fucking leak?

  5. I’m afraid I have to agree with you, richard! ‘These guys, in cooperation with their allied corporate media, can get away with MASS MURDER ..’ They have got away with so much already!

  6. Dave – Richard is correct. The bastards have it sewn up and they know it. They are not going to let one of their own be held accountable for his acts, no matter how heinous they are (unless they need a sacrifice. Republicans eat their own children, for Christ’s sake).
    But Richard is also missing an important point: The fact that the bastards have the country by the short hairs does not, under any circumstances, mean we should stop questioning and criticizing them. Keep up the good work.

  7. I’m not disagreeing with Richard. (I would NEVER do that!)
    I’m agitating, stirring things up, asking for Rove to be treated like other treasonous criminals. Pointing out that Rove is already receiving special treatment, trying to get people to publicize this.

  8. Dave, I said the same thing about his security clearance you did, but I do not have much hope that publicizing the issue would do any good for the reasons mentioned in my first post.
    It could very well be another version of “How they do it” or “getting rolled”, but we still don’t get it on the level we need to.

  9. When Dick Durbin is accused and forced to apologize for the way the right corrupted what he said and Hillary Clinton does not know enough to stand behind him, we don’t get it.
    When Ted Kennedy asks Rumsfeld to resign and is accused of insulting the troops because of the corrupted version the corrupted message the right sent out and every Democrat in the country lets it slide, we didn’t get it.
    When any Administration gives a non answer like “absurd” about things people really do care about and the entire country does not roar NON ANSWER!
    We did not get it.

  10. Who cares if it’ll actually happen? What matters here, as Dave has so clearly pointed out, is the agitprop. That means exactly what he’s asked us to do in his original post. Go Dave!

  11. Rove has no protected property interest in a security clearance and taking it away from him doesn’t require a conviction for anything. It doesn’t even require that he be charged.

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